Brace Frame Type In Transverse Direction

Utilyzing a braced frame type in designing a portal frame has a great advantages such as reducing the overall weight of structure, posibility to use smaller size of columns, reducing also column displacement. However it has also some disanvantages since by utilyzing a brace frame type it would be interfering the access way underneath the portal frame, also if the bracings were designed with tension only member then the fabrication of those members should be put more attention and quality control since those members could not be loose. Otherwise the internal axial force would distribute to other members.


A brace frame type will give affect to the structure foundation, most of foundation should be designed with combine type to achieve more efficient and economical foundations. In some areas in my opinion this type of frame would not sufficient such in the gulf region since the temperature difference was high and structurally will tend to extend from its original dimension or length. For the analysis it would require more time comsuming for the tension only members and repeat load should be used.

Some clients also do not allow this type of frame as it will resduve the accessibilty around the the plant. However if all conditions were permissible to use brace frame type in the transverse direction especially tension only braces, then it will reduce the weight of structure around 20% to 30%. Hence the production and the construction cost will also be reduced.


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